Living Lies by Natalie Walters

Lane Kent lives in Walton, Georgia with her five-year-old son, Noah. Lane struggles with depression and has been looking for hope. She also has some secrets.  As the book begins, she takes a trip to the woods outside of town searching for hope--and finds a dead body. Walton has a new deputy, Charlie Lynch. Charlie meets with Lane to help uncover the mystery behind the murder. Can they work together to find the truth? Will Lane tell Charlie her dark secrets?

Living Lies was a book that kept me reading and turning pages quickly. I enjoyed most of the characters except the "bad" guys so by the end, I could understand why they weren't my favorite characters. I liked Lane and Charlie a lot. I also liked how this book took on a struggle many people have and dealt with it so well. I liked how the couple stood strong for their values and sought to overcome their struggles. There really wasn't anything I didn't like. . .except that I am now waiting for the next book in the series. Living Lies is a book I would recommend to readers wholeheartedly.

I purchased this book new from a retailer. All opinions are my own.


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