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Six Lessons From the Peace Man

Six Lessons From the Peace Man

My husband recently found this little figure and brought it home to me. Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile. The longer I've smiled at him, the more things the Peace Man has taught me:
1. The man with his eyes rolled upwards reminds me that to have Peace in my life I must first look to the Peacemaker. He is watching over me and also standing alongside me, as the man is standing, in all the circumstances as I walk through in life. Even when I feel alone, I am not alone. He is with me.
2. The man is smiling. This makes me smile whenever I look it him. He reminds me that if I smile at folks, most folks will smile back.
3. His message of Peace is one that I see people searching for the world over. We will never have peace at all times in all places on earth. For me, it often comes from trusting God at times that are anything but peaceful in this world or even in my little corner of this world. It is having faith in God.
4. I am also reminded …