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Book Review: Devotions from the Garden with Miriam Drennan

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. The cover of Devotions from the Garden is simply beautiful and restful looking. I just want to walk into the garden pictured and have a seat on the swing, rest and look at the beauty and commune with God. The subtitle is "Finding Peace and Rest from Your Hurried Life." This book could help you do just that.

Devotions from the Garden offers beautiful garden pictures to look at along with meditations on God's Word beginning with a Bible verse and ending with a prayer. This is not a dated book so the reader can start at the beginning or could start anywhere and read what you feel led to read among these 90 devotions. Readings draw parallels between life and gardening. Gentle relationships between the Christian life and various aspects of gardening offers a lovely reading for each day with both hopes and challenges being addressed. Just about any area of gardening is related to life. A few examples include: the root system, polli…

Book Review: Tox-Sick by Suzanne Somersault

68.8 % of adults are considered overweight or obese
ADHD diagnosis has increased an average of 5 % per year from 2003 to 2011
Food allergies among children increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011
95 % of cancers are caused by diet and environment

These are some big statistics quoted in Tox-Sick. by Suzanne Somers. Suzanne Somers has personally felt some of these statistics as she and her family members have dealt with ADHD, cancer, Lyme Disease, mold toxicity and more. These challenges in her own family led her to work with doctors to find best how to help overcome these illnesses. Tox-Sick shares her and her familly's journey to feeling good once again and also interviews with 6 prominent physicians to best learn the effects of toxins on our brain, our gut, our hormones, our heart and how to make our environment cleaner. Somers also shares information from the doctors on how to help yourself heal and feel better from the effects of our environment.

This book is packed …

Book Review: Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young

Insights That Bring Life to Your Relationships is the subtitle to Ed Young's new book, Fifty shades of They. This description sums up well the 50 short chapters of insights contained in this book geared to help your relationships in all areas of your life.

Who are the "They" in your life? Who are the people that form your friendships, business relationships and what kind of person are you married to or dating? According to Ed Young, you are only as great as your relationships. When you are surrounded by people who follow God's principles that are laid out in this book, your life is bound to be better all the way around. Ed Young also encourages you to reflect the insights shared in this book so that you also become the best person you can be in your relationships.

I found these insights to be helpful. The chapters are short and easy to read. At the same time, there is some good meat in these little chapters. Each chapter's insights is based on Biblical principle…

Book Review: What Keeps You Up At night by Pete Wilson

What Keeps You Up At Night by Pete Wilson offers a good glimpse into fear and faith. I often wish God would just offer a few words to clue me in on what is happening when I am blindsided by something in my life. For example, this week we learned we cannot close on the house we are buying because the owner does not have a clear title. The owner has dementia and the family is left to sort out if this is an error or what has happened. Frustrating for them and for us as we put our lives on hold and wait to see if we get this house or have to start house shopping all over again. We all have situations come up like this one that keep us up at night wondering about.

According to Pete's new book, we  need to learn to lean into uncertainty and activate our faith. Pete says every single one of us struggle with fear at some point in our lives.In What Keeps You Up at Night , he shares how we can lean into Scripture and learn from it to keep our faith up in our own challenges. Wilson shares …