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Book Review: The Daniel Cure by Susan Gregory and Richard J. Bloomer, PhDard

In the past few years, several people I know, including myself, have been beginning the year with a 21-day Daniel Fast. The fast is based on Daniel's fasts that were recorded in Daniel 1 and 10 from the Old Testament. Susan Gregory authored the bestselling Daniel fast book and has now written the The Daniel Cure with Richard J. Bloomer, PhD.

The Daniel Cure is a comprehensive book for those interested in moving into more healthful eating and making lifestyle changes. I would say this book covers just about any topic you could think of related to eating healthfully--what foods are healthy, portion control, cardiovascular disease and diabetes control, and many other nutritional topics. In addition, though, this book encourages readers to look to God as part of their health plan and to begin with a Daniel Fast. Then progress, still looking to God, into a more healthful eating plan that is right for the reader and that the reader can stick to. One of the things I like best about this…

Book Review: You First, Me Second by Pam Erickson

If you are looking to be a volunteer, or even just a random do-gooder, this book is a manual of sorts to help guide you as you look at options of where to give your time, talents, and gifts. Pam Erickson's enthusiasm for helping others is easy to catch if you take time to read this book. Who is Pam Erickson you ask? She is vice president of procurement and corporate relations for Operation Blessing International. . .someone who is a proven leader in helping to meet the needs of others.

Erickson writes a book that is enjoyable, as well as easy to read and apply, as you consider what you can do to give back to your community. Each chapter offers a how-to guide, along with real life examples of both everyday people and famous people, to give you a plan to get involved in volunteering or giving to others in some way. . .whether you want to set up your own food distribution center or you want to spend an evening a week reading to a nursing home resident. As you consider where you wa…

Book Review: The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

I was thrilled to win a copy of The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate a couple of weeks ago. I started reading right away and just savored time with this book daily. I truly believe God knew I needed the hope offered in this book and, if you haven't read it, you do too.

Iola Anne Poole dies on Hatteras Island in a large old Victorian house at the age of ninety-one. Probably not very noteworthy in itself, but there is a bit of a mystery surrounding this elderly women. Tandi Jo Reese, a young mother of two, staying in one of the rental houses near the mansion and soon finds herself with a job to clean out the house. Tandi is hiding on the island from her past, which may even come back to haunt her, which is her constant fear.Yet, through this job Tandi finds herself learning about how to move from the past and be able to live in the present with her head held high. . .through Iola's history written in her 81 prayer boxes filled with letters to God.

One of my favorite quotes from the b…

Book Review: Let Hope In by Pete Wilson

As fast as I could turn the pages, I was reading Let Hope In by Pete Wilson. . .Pete offers advice in such conversational form that you feel as though you are sitting down and having a cup of coffee with this guy. Right now I am in need of Hope and I think many around me are in need of Hope.

Let Hope In by Pete Wilson offers stories from the Bible as well as real-life stories from other people sharing how we can overcome pain and shame in our past and learn to look to the future with God, who is a God of Hope. We can learn to trust God instead of looking to just please God. We can learn to give thanks in the midst of difficult circumstances knowing that God will use them for our God in the end. We can also learn to encourage others. Pretty much every person you meet has been hurt at some time in their life. "Hurt people hurt people but free people have the power to free people," according to Pete Wilson. That was one of my favorite quotes in the book.

I did find a lot of en…