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Book Review: I'm Happy for You by Kay Wills Wyma

I don't know about you, but after being on social media, I have felt more discontent instead of content with my life--if I am honest with myself. I log in and I see EVERYONE else's perfect vacations, kids, houses, pets, etc. After a few minutes on Facebook, I assess my life as mediocre and boring. Kay Wills Wyma addresses our current culture of needing everyone to "like" our life photos/updates, our Pinterest perfect birthday parties, or our tweeted performance updates.

In I'm Happy For You, Kay Wills Wyma offers encouragement and advice on how to live a more contented life in our world today. If you are tired of performing and feeling weighed down by the pressure to present the perfect life to the outside world, Kay encourages you to get escape the comparison trap and excessive competitiveness in our culture today. each chapter offers advice on looking at your life a bit differently to lesson the pressure on yourself. I, for one, found this book to be highly be…