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Review: Creating Contentment Seminar from Eternal Encouragement Ministries

Review: Creating Contentment Seminar

I don't know about you, but in the midst of the Midwestern Winter, I can often feel discontent. . .I'm not a fan of winter so I'm tired of cold and snow. I often am home more and see more what needs repair or what needs done. It gets dark early so I feel like going to bed early. I just plain feel discontent with life.

For a reasonable 2.99, Lorrie Flem has created a Seminar To Go on Creating Contentment. Christian women watching this seminar can learn what happiness and contentment are and what they are not. Lorrie helps those watching decide to maintain contentment with God's help. She offers 14 ways to create contentment. Each of these 14 points offers women encouragement to look to God and not to look around at the world or other women. I like how Lorrie gently keeps pointing us to the Savior and reminds us to look to him through each of these points. She also consistently uses Scripture to back up her points.

The seminar takes a…

Book Review: Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson

A couple of weeks ago, a friend stopped by for a quick visit. During the visit, she shared how her and her husband were helping out a man with a 3-year old daughter whose wife had just died. Through the conversation, I realized I knew this woman and had prayed for her for a long time. . .then I stopped. I didn't stop because I didn't care anymore, I stopped because I wasn't sure my prayers were making a difference anymore. However, through that conversation, God showed me that my prayers may be making more of a difference than I know.

Shortly afterwords, I had opportunity to read Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. Batterson is the author of the popular book, The Circle Maker. I didn't read that book but I had read his book, Praying Circle Around Your Children. Draw the Circle is a forty-day devotional book that offers forty true faith-building stories of how God answers prayers based on his first book, daily Scripture and a prayer prompt for each day. This book is des…