Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer

From my point of view, Joyce Meyer just seems to understand Christian women and to know how to encourage them. This newly revised and expanded edition of her daily devotional, The Confident Woman Devotional is just gorgeous in raspberry pink leather with silver edges and a ribbon marker to keep your place. It would be an especially nice Christmas gift this season for any Christian woman that you love and admire.

The Confident Woman Devotional is a 365-day full year devotional. Each page has a Bible verse, a short reading written by Joyce Meyer that will give the reader pause to think and reflect on their Christian life, and ends with a short prayer to pray. The devotional also begins with a short introduction which focuses on how God sees you. There is also a short reflection to start each week giving the reader something to do and focus on. This devotional is based on Meyer's #1 bestselling book, The Confident Woman, which is written to help woman live a life of confidence based …

New Every Day by Dave Meurer

I have personal experience with Alzheimer's disease and dementia as we have cared for family members and I have friends caring for family members with this disease. I understand the toll it can take on caregivers so I try to read whatever I can about this disease and how to care for those who have it. New Every Day by Dave Meurer is full of compassion and great advice for those who are caring for a loved one with this disease.

New Every Day, according to Meurer, is not written in any particular order to sort of mimic what it is like to deal with the disease that often seems somewhat random in how it presents itself. Meurer give a lot of factual information on how to care for your loved one, how to pace yourself and not burn out, how to manage the financial and legal end of things, and a lot of other good information. At the same time, Meurer encourages caregivers to keep their sense of humor throughout the book.

I think New Every Day would be especially helpful to someone new to c…

What a Great Word: A Year of Daily Devotions by Karen Moore

I know several people who choose one word for a year and focus on that word. However, I haven't thought of focusing on one word a day. In What a Great Word: A Year of Daily Devotions by Karen Moore, she focuses on one word a day to see God at work with that word.

What a Great Word devotional is approximately 5 by 7 1/2 inches in size. Yet this small devotional book, which is a great size to carry to the coffee shop or wherever you need to go, packs a big punch each day with the reading. There is a reading for every day of the year. Each reading focuses on a simple word, and often it is a word we just gloss over when we are reading Scripture, according to Moore. Some of the focus words are: shine, refuge, weeds, ideas, and only. Each reading  in What a Great Word includes the word of the day, a supporting Bible verse, a short meditative reading, and a prayer.

If you are looking for a new and different devotional for the upcoming year, What a Great Word would be a great choice. This…

Who Sang the First Song by Ellie Holcomb and Illustrated by Kayla Harren

Who Sang The First Song by Ellie Holcomb is both full of lyrical prose and adorable pictures.

In Who Sang The First Song, singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb explores the idea that all of creation is full of beautiful, lyrical "songs" from God. This story helps children listen to all of the sounds made on earth and to think about how beautiful they all can be--whether is is the sounds of the wind, the animals, or the flowers rustling in the meadow.

I like that Who Sang The First Song focuses on both the Creator of the earth and the beauty of all of creation. Besides being a good story to read with young children, it could lead to some fun discussions about what other sounds in nature are beautifully created by God. Holcomb wrote this book and dedicated it to her three children. The illustrations are both full of rich details and lovely to look at. Who Sang the First Song should also appeal to a wider audience range as the children are all different skin colors in this book. This…

Who I Am with You by Robin Lee Hatcher

Jessica Mason's husband and young daughter died in a tragic accident. She is grieving more than one loss and also facing life as a single mom with her unborn child.  Ridley Chesterfield is hiding out in Hope Springs, Idaho, avoiding a political scandal and reeling from false media headlines that have hurt his good name. They are both hurting and hiding out when they discover they are neighbors. A sweet little stray dog brings them both together. . .but are they ready for a relationship?

Jessica's grandmother passed away shortly before Ridley comes to town. She is given her grandmother's Bible that she inherited from her great-grandfather. While we read the story of Jessica and Ridley, we also read the story of Andrew and Helen Henning from the 1930s. It is a reminder that across the generations we face challenges and those challenges are much easier to bear when faced with God.

I enjoyed Robin Lee Hatcher's latest book, Who I Am With You. Her stories flow so well and …

Inspire Catholic Bible from Tyndale House Publishers

The Inspire Catholic Bible from Tyndale House Publishers is another gorgeous Bible in the line up of creative coloring and journaling Bibles from Tyndale. While I am not Catholic, I have several friends and family members who are Catholic and so glad to have this Bible available to them.

Some of the key features of the Inspire Catholic Bible: There are over 450 Scripture line-art illustrations to color throughout the Bible. There are two-inch-wide lightly ruled margins with space for personal reflections and your own creative art journaling. The paper through the Bible is a heavy weight quality paper that is designed for journaling. Finally, the font size is 8.65, which is larger and more readable than other journaling Bibles. At the same time, this is a good size for carrying to church, the coffee shop, Bible study or anywhere else you want to use this Bible as the dimensions are 6.125 x 7.875 inches and it is two inches thick. Also, theInspire Catholic Bible’s New Living Tran…

Jacob's Bell by John Snyder

I can't imagine being penniless and living on the streets, not knowing anyone. Yet, Jacob McCallum in Jacob's Bell is that homeless person. He lived a hard life and made a lot of mistakes that led to his homelessness and loneliness. Those mistakes haunt him now and he feels badly about them as he has grown older. Jacob struggles to make changes in his life and to find his adult children to seek their forgiveness and to make amends. Throughout the book, Jacob is searching in more ways than he realizes and God guides him to the right people to help him make needed changes to better his life. But will it be enough for his grown children to see that he has truly changed and that he has become a different man? Can there be a reconciliation for Christmas?

When I started reading Jacob's Bell, I didn't find Jacob very likeable. He made some bad choices in his life and he ended up reaping what he sowed through the first part of his life. But our God is a God of mercy and redem…