How Healing Works by Wayne Jonas, MD

If you have ever been faced with a serious health issue, you may have struggled with our Western health care system and wondered what else would be the most helpful to heal from whatever it is that you are facing.

How Healing Works by Wayne Jonas, MD, is an interesting read for those who want to find healing for themselves or for those who are interested in health care in general. Jonas divides this book into three sections: Rethinking Healing, The Dimensions of Healing, and Your Healing Journey. He also includes appendices for additional resources to help on your healing journey. Jonas shares a lot of people's case studies throughout the book, including that of his wife. He also shares how he used research to learn how healing works--and how healing can't always be measured but that doesn't mean it won't work. He tells stories of those who were clearly healing in spite of methods that couldn't be quantified. He comes at the research and case studies as a skeptic a…

Charles Spurgeon Journal

Besides reading, one of my favorite activities is journaling. This new Charles Haddon Spurgeon journal is a gorgeous new journal for the Spurgeon fan who likes to write or take notes. Spurgeon quotes grace the bottom of many of the lined pages. Quotes like, "The people of God should be about their Father's business." and "Think much on Grace, Christian." Along with each quote, is the corresponding sermon title and sermon number.

The C. H. Spurgeon journal is 140 lined pages. I would describe the line spacing as "college ruled" as the lines are closer together than some journals, which I personally like. This journal is also a good size to carry along to take sermon notes at church or to write on the go. It measures 5" by 8.25 inches. The front of the journal has a customizable table of contents to go along with the numbered pages on the journal. This journal is a combination of leather and hard bound with a ribbon marker to keep your page. It is…

Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews

Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews is a Biblical story of a warring divided nation ruled by an evil king who mocks King David's legacy and leaves those faithful to Yahweh praying and clinging to Him. Affected by the war, Ishma, meaning desolation, is an orphaned Hebrew girl who is also a refugee after the war between Judah and Israel. Ishma comes to Isaiah's home as a household servant but is treated with love as a family member. She comes as a child who is full of fear and anxiety after watching the horrors of war take her parents. Yet, in a short time, she becomes friends with Prince Hezekiah. Through the years, they both grow and mature, and continue to love and serve Yahweh. Isaiah and Aya guide Ishma as she grows and matures, then adopt her, giving her a royal lineage fit for a king and change her name, as Yahweh instructs, to Hephzibah, meaning delight of the Lord.

Andrews has a gift for helping readers better understand the Old Testament Bible stories and the cultur…

A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno

A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno is a book designed to plan a year of coming of age for young women guided by their moms and other older women into living a life of purpose and meaning. I read A Voice Becoming with a sort of awe and I wondered what my life would have looked like if I had had this type of guidance and female role models.

A Voice Becoming is divided into three parts: The Art of Becoming Starts with Mom, A Scaffolding of Womanhood for Girls, and A Life Becoming. Throughout the book, Bruno shares her story, as well as the story of her family and her daughter, as they spent a year guiding one of her daughters into womanhood through a year of learning through experiences, discussions, and special events. Bruno set up a general plan for how their year would go and also tells you how you could guide a young woman of your own, while allowing room for personality differences to make the year special for any young woman. Bruno shares in the book that many cultures have coming of ag…

Finding Selah by Kristen Kill

Selah is one of those words that I have read in the Psalms, but I never quite understood it. In Finding Selah, Kristen Kill helped me learn just what this word means and how God can use Selah in our lives today. Throughout Finding Selah, she shares her story of growing her large family with her husband and how God also helped her find peace when she needed it.

I imagine many of us can relate to Kill's story. Our own lives have a different set of characters and set locations but many of us are beyond busy in caring for others and longing for peace in our lives. Early on in the book, Kill defines what Selah means. While she explains it several places so that we can apply it to our own lives, simply put, it is the pause between the notes in a song (psalm). For those who wrote the psalms, it was "a chance to stop and listen to the song God was singing over them." Kill learned to listen to God in the midst of her story and encourages readers to do the same. Kill says, "…

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deering

If you like British mysteries on PBS like Father Brown or reading mysteries by Agathie Christie or Dorothy Sayers, I imagine you will like the Drew Fathering series by Julianna Deering. Death At Thorburn Hall is the sixth book in the series.

In Death at Thorburn Hall, Drew Fathering is in Scotland for the 1935 British Open at Muirfield. He is looking for rest and holiday with his wife, but instead finds himself caught up in a mystery. When their host, Lord Rainsby, is killed in a suspicious riding accident, Drew digs to find out who had motives to kill Lord Rainsby. As with many mysteries, there were several guests with motives for killing him. Drew must sort through them all to figure out "whodunit." Of course, the killer, keeps one step ahead throughout much of the book to keep the reader guessing.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and enjoyed reading various other mysteries. I also grew up in a golfing family so with this book set at the British Open, I thought it m…

Live Lagom:Balanced Living, The Swedish Way by Anna Brones

Live Lagom. Last year the buzz was all about Hygge--the Danish way of enjoying the simple things in life. Balanced Living the Swedish Way is a similar concept in Lagom.

Live Lagom, according to Brones, is a challenge for you to think about slow living. She says, "a slow life is an intentional life, one that doesn't take too much or cause any harm, and one that focuses on the essential." Live Lagom is divided into four sections: work, home, health and environment. Brones explains how Lagom in each area with lots of tips to live more simply and more mindfully. 

I enjoyed Live Lagom. I did learn what the Swedish lifestyle and culture was like. At the same time, the tips weren't really anything I didn't already know, as someone who reads a fair amount of books and articles on simple, healthy living. However, I did enjoy the recipes: Swedish Rye Bread, Dill Marinated Cucumber, Swedish Cheesecake and a few more. At the same time, I wish the book had an index or a list …