Never Let Go by Elizabeth Goddard

Forensic Geneologist Willow Anderson's grandfather and founder of the company she worked at just passed away. Willow has a choice. Should she follow in his footsteps and keep the company going and continue his last case? Or should she call and let the case go?

Willow's ex-flame, Austin McKade, is also an ex-FBI agent. Willow's grandfather had contacted Austin to help with the case before he died. Austin offers to continue on the case and to protect Willow.

Never Let Go is a fast-paced novel follows Willow and Austin through some exciting adventures as they struggle to find out what happened to a baby abducted from a hospital over twenty years ago. At first I was a little frustrated with the communication struggles the couple was having. Then I quickly got caught up in the intrigue and plot of the novel. I have to say I didn't guess the ending and it kept me thinking and turning pages right up until the end. I enjoyed the romance between Austin and Willow, but I also en…

Love Where You Live By Shauna Pilgreen

I have always had a heart for reaching other people and helping them. At one time, I thought about being a missionary. . .I was sure that missionaries were extra loved and special as they did their work overseas. Shauan Pilgreen in Love Where You Live encourages us to be missionaries wherever we are and that we can all be used by God.

In Love Where You Live, Pilgreen divides this book in to three parts: What Is Living Sent?, How to Live Sent, and The Hope Of Living Sent. She shares stories from her life and others about how God used people right where they are--or encouraged them to go somewhere in this country to share the Gospel with others. Each chapter also ends with practical tips. There are also places in the book where Pilgreen encourages the reader to draw pictures and to write some things to better make their own mission clearer.

I truly enjoyed reading Love Where You Live. I liked Pilgreen's writing style and found myself just flying through this book anxious to read on…

The Wiersbe Study Bible from Thomas Nelson

Shortly after I became a Christian, I had an opportunity to work at Back to the Bible in Lincoln, NE when Warren W. Wiersbe was there. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and grow and one I am forever grateful to have had. When I saw that Thomas Nelson had a new Wiersbe Study Bible, I jumped at the chance to review this one.

The Wiersbe Study Bible I received is the deluxe leather binding. It has three ribbon markers, guilt edges and a beautiful leather cover with comfort print writing in the New King James Verson--which is the 10.5 point print size. It is easy for me to read without my glasses and I love that. It is an especially nicely bound and put together study Bible. I anticipate using this one for many years to come and I can see that it was made to last.

The Wiersbe Study Bible features Dr. Wiersbe's historical background, themes, and practical lessons from each book of the Bible. His "Be" Series of books has been especially popular for many years. This B…

The Build Framework by John Peitzman

Are you looking for a new plan for a successful business? The Build Framework by John Peitzman might be just what you need.

The Build Framework offers a plan based on the acronym, BUILD. This is a relatively short book with a lot of information in the short space. After the framework is introduced, each chapter tells how to implement that part of the framework to your business, or your personal life. Peitzman also shares some interesting stories and anecdotes as part of the book.

I found The Build Framework to be interesting. I think the BUILD system sounds good for businesses to use to improve their company. The author truly wants readers to get the plan. He suggests reading the book through once quickly and then again slowly to catch and implement all that you can from the book to your situation. I personally didn't take away a lot for my personal life, but I could see how the system could help me professionally. I did only read it through once so far, so maybe on the second rea…

Memory Cross

I received a sample packet of some really neat witnessing and memory verse tools for all ages from

One of the items I especially liked in this packet were the memory verse cards. They fold in and out so that you can learn part of the verse at a time. Hebrews 12:1-2 is my life verse and that was one of the verses. I think these would make memorizing both easier and more enjoyable with young ones or for myself if they were verses I didn't know.

According to the company's website, "Memory Cross creates a unique origami style card that is used to share the Gospel. Each card contains four panels that are designed so the card never stops folding. The design fascinates children and adults, which is what makes it such great way to share God's love."They have the foldable card described so well that it makes it easy to understand how these cards work.

In a similar fashion, there is the plan of salvation in a foldable cross message called Steps to Pe…

100 Inspirational Quotes by Joyce Meyer

Short, practical Godly wisdom is so helpful to guide our days. 100 Inspirational quotes and the Life Changing Scriptures Behind them from Joyce Meyer is full of wisdom and guidance based on Scripture for living each day in a positive, godly way. Not only is it full of solid Biblical advice, but this book is beautiful inside and out. Nearly all of the quotes and verses in the book are decorated with beautiful watercolor flower designs like the front cover.

Three of my favorite quotes:
Be a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser. (Based on Galatians 1:10)
God is a giver, and when we give unselfishly, we are more like Him than at any other time in our lives. (Based on John 13:34)
There's a difference between being busy and being fruitful, Are you busy are fruitful? (Based on Matthew 7:17-18)

I like so many of these quotes and the Scriptures alongside them to meditate on that it was hard to pick three. One Hundred Inspirational Quotes from Joyce Meyer would make a great gift book for som…

Afraid of All Things by Scarlet Hiltibidal

Do you struggle with fear and anxiety? Scarlet Hiltibidal shares her struggles with fear and anxiety and how we can turn to the Gospel to shine through those fears in her new book, Afraid of All the Things.

Afraid of All the Things is divided into three sections: My fears do not define me, My fears will not defeat me, and My fears aren't forever. The whole book is mostly autobiographical with Hiltibidal sharing stories from her life that illustrate her struggles with fear and anxiety. She also weaves a lot of Scripture throughout Afraid of All the Things in and out through her stories.

I struggled to get into Afraid of All the Things initially with the author's writing style. Hilitbidal is down to earth, realistic and fairly blunt about her struggles. But once I got used to her "voice," I found the book to hold my interest. I don't struggle with anxiety now like I did many years ago, but I could relate to how unrealistic some of those fears can be. I also liked h…