The Big Picture Interactive Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book

The Big Picture Interactive Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book is a great book for kids who like to color and do activity type worksheets. This large book has more than 200 coloring pages and more than 150 activity pages. This book is 384 pages total. It retails for 6.99 and I honestly thought it was a great buy for all of the fun things to do in this book. Along with the fun, kids are learning about Jesus and the Bible too.

The Big Picture Bible Story Coloring and Activity book starts out with a note to parents explaining the goal of this book--to turn our young people's hearts to Jesus. This book is also designed to stand alone or to be used in companion with the Big Picture Bible and related books. The second page of the activity book offers a Parent Connection page to do a devotion and ask questions with your children along with the book. Then this big book is divided into Old Testament and New Testament activities. Besides all of the coloring pages, the activity pages i…

Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler

Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler invites women to pray with more confidence, boldness and grace, as the cover says. However, Detweiler also says that this book is a book inviting readers to be real with God and to receive his Strength and healing where it is needed through prayer and conversation with Him.

This first part of Women Who Move Mountains has 21 chapters about learning to pray more intimately with God. This book has guidelines to go through the book yourself or to be a part of a women's study group. The odd-numbered chapters explain how to transform your relationship with God and share stories of women today and in the Bible who "moved mountains" with their prayers. The even numbered chapters show how to apply those prayer principles to your life. Detweiler suggest journaling in answer to the personal questions she asks at the end of the chapters. She also includes a downloadable prayer journal through her website.

The second part of Women Who Move Mo…

You Can Do This by Tricia Lott Williford

You Can Do This by Tricia Lott Williford is an inspiring read if you are in need of more confidence and encouragement. I honestly think this covers most of us women of all ages. 

Williford starts out in the introduction of You Can Do This by sharing that she wrote this book to us readers but for herself to remind herself of how she got the confidence when she needs it again. She also shares how she would like us to pull up a chair to the kitchen table with her and realize this book is for both her and us. We need to know that we can get the most out of the book as readers when we do the suggested exercises at the end of each chapter. This is a great book to use with your journal. It would also be great to share with another friend, a counselor, or a study group. You Can Do This will inspire you to think and help you grow, as well as entertaining you with Williford's stories and the Bible stories she referenced. Williford shares lessons she has learned on knowing our identity, app…

The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional by Laura James andKatara Washington Patton

The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional is unlike any other Christian coloring book that I have seen. Besides containing a devotional, this book also contains pictures that are a modern artist's rendition of Bible stories. They remind me of some of the beautiful stained glass windows that I have seen at some old churches with their bold lines and beg to be filled with bright colors.

The devotionals in this coloring book all contain a Bible verse(s)followed by reflections on the verses for each devotional and concluding with a prayer or a closing thought/activity/question related to the verse. Because this book contains parables from Jesus, as one would expect, the readings are all from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This large, beautiful book roughly measures 10 inches square and contains 46 illustrations that correspond with each devotional. For coloring purposes, each picture is done on heavy paper with a blank back side making it nice to use for various med…

Drawn In Bible Study from Eugene Peterson and NavPress

I don't know about you, but I have found the new Christian coloring books help me quiet my mind in the midst of a busy life. I put on soft Christian music that I like and just relax and focus on God and coloring. The new Drawn In Bible Studies are created to combine coloring and Bible study either alone or in a group setting.

This Drawn In Study of Ruth includes 4 sessions, and introduction, and a section detailing How to Lead a Drawn In Bible Study. This Bible study is written by Eugene Peterson and include portions of The Message Bible along with the study, coloring pages, and questions.  I worked on the study alone, but I could see where this would be beneficial to do in a group setting as well. I thought the questions reflecting on Ruth made me think and do some soul searching. It would be very helpful to have the support of other people and reflect on this story for mutual encouragement, praying for one another in the study and building relationships as you share your storie…

The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett

The Road to Paradise is the first in a new series about Vintage National Parks by Karen Barnett. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this book is gorgeous which did draw my eye to it. Thankfully, this book is a good read beyond the beautiful cover.

As the book begins, Margaret Lane can hardly contain her excitement  in working with the National Park Service as a naturalist alongside the park rangers. Margaret, who prefers to be called Margie with her friends, feels at home among God's handiwork and enjoys all of the beautiful creation around her. Chief Ranger Ford Brayden doesn't quite share Margie's enthusiasm when she initially comes to the park. He isn't too excited to have to watch over a senator's daughter when he feels he has more important work to do.

While Margie does enjoy the beautiful park and is excited to be there, she also has hopes of hiding from her former fiance, Philip Carmichael. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for Phi…

A Giving Heart: A Coloring Book Celebrating Motherhood by Stephanie Corfee

A Giving Heart by Stephanie Corfee is a coloring book created with mothers in mind through and through. This book would be great for any mom who likes to color. Mom can grab a cup of their favorite hot beverage, put on some relaxing music and grab their favorite coloring tools for a little "Me" time.

A Giving Heart has 46 coloring pages featuring beautiful pictures of quotes, Bible verses, flowers, and many more things that Moms enjoy. There is a large variety of pictures in this collection. The pictures are on one side with the backsides either blank or with a single printed verse and accompanying tiny design. This is a good book for those who like to color with a heavier hand or to use markers without worrying about page bleed through. Putting an extra piece of paper or cardboard behind the piece you are coloring is also helpful, although these pages are made of a nice heavy stock. This collection of designs in A Giving Heart is made up of drawings with smaller, finer plac…