Stones of Remembrance by Daniel G. Amen, MD

Increasingly people in our society are diagnosed with some form of dementia. Daniel Amen has two new books designed to help people at risk for memory problems to makes changes to improve their odds of not getting memory-related disease. Memory Rescue is Amen's main new book with detailed steps to improve brain health. Stones of Remembrance is designed as a companion book to help Christians, in particular, contribute to a healthier mind through Scripture memorization.

Stones of Remembrance is a small book that would be easy to carry along for memorization and mediation on Scripture to inspire, comfort and challenge believers in all walks of life. This little book starts out with an inspiring introduction from Stephen Arterburn on how Dr. Amen helped him with his brain issues. There are three sections to this book: The Twelve Spiritual Disciplines for improving your memory, The Twelve verses to remember when. . . , and The Twelve Verses every Christian Should Know.

I am so glad that…

Memory Rescue by Daniel G. Amen

It seems like most of us know someone, perhaps a family member, who has dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. I know my Grandfather passed away after living in a nursing home with dementia so I have seen and felt how difficult that is on families. Dr. Daniel Amen wrote Memory Rescue to help people change their brain to improve their memory and decrease their chances for memory-related issues down the road.

Memory Rescue is a large and long book full of information. Dr. Amen divides Memory Rescue into three parts: Memory is Life which talks about how the brain works and what it looks like to have problems; Bright Minds: The ultimate memory formula in which Dr. Amen shares the bright minds approach to rescuing your memory and preventing memory-related brain disease; and Daily food, habits and more to boost your memory. Throughout the book, Dr. Amen shares ways to be proactive in helping your brain and your body to avoid memory issues. He insists that we can start early so that we increa…

The Spurgeon Study Bible from Holman Bible Publishing

Charles Spurgeon has been impacting people through his sermons since the late 1800s. He has been called the "Prince of Preachers." Holman has recently released a Spurgeon Study Bible to feature Charles Spurgeon's excerpts chosen and edited by Alistair Begg.

The CSB Spurgeon Study Bible features the text of the Christian Standard Bible "which stays as literal as possible to the Bible's original meaning without sacrificing clarity." Along with the Bible text, this Bible features an introductory biography of Charles Spurgeon, study notes taken from Spurgeon's sermons, extracted sermon illustrations on the same page as the Bible text it was taken from, Sermon notes and outlines written in Spurgeon's own handwriting, Spurgeon's quotes inserted throughout the Bible and book introductions with Spurgeon's insights.

I like this new Spurgeon Study Bible so much! Besides all of the Spurgeon information, which I find interesting and want to learn from,…

The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal from Waterbrook Press

Journaling is one of my passions. The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal is a step up from my usual journals in that it is a journal meant to go for 5 years. I've never done that but it sounds like an interesting challenge.

The Daily Question contains 365 questions, one for every day of the year. Then there is space on each page to write for 5 years. Examples of some of the questions are: If you could change one relationship, which one would it be? In what way has God shown himself faithful recently? What wisdom would you share with someone who is about to graduate? Who in the Bible do you relate to? What is the best part of your life right now?

I love the idea of The Daily Question journal. However, it is quite small. Each day for each question, you get four small lines to write the answer on. One the back of the book it says that "Short questions at the top of each page prompt quick answers--but their impact could be life changing." The publisher suggests that…

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner is quite obviously the story of Sarah Hollenbeck. As the book starts out, Sarah isn't a Christian. Instead, she is living a rather interesting and comfortable life after having become the bestselling author of well-known steamy romances. As the story unfolds, Sarah accepts Christ and then must figure out how to live life after becoming a Christian and figuring out how to live for God after writing a "scandalous" book. It also doesn't help that Sarah has started attending a new church and a whole new set of struggles.

I laughed out loud more than a few times while reading The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck. I don't think humor is easy to write and can sometimes come off sort of canned in fiction books--but not in this book. I am not sure I found Sarah Hollenbeck's life to be quite believable in a couple of places, but I did enjoy the story all the way through the book. It was a different sort of romance an…

In the Middle of the Mess by Sheila Walsh

It isn't a subject we talk about much. Sharing painful experiences is never easy for anyone. Yet many of us know someone who has attempted or committed suicide. Or maybe we are the ones who have attempted suicide or thought about it a time or two. Sheila Walsh shares her personal story and experiences with this difficult topic in In The Middle of the Mess.

Walsh has often shared her story of depression and the time she spent in a psych ward early in her ministry. However, this book goes deeper. In the Middle of the Mess shares Walsh's story and family background with her father's brainaneurysm, mental illness and ultimate suicide. Walsh then shares how that family history affected her and the challenges she has had with depression and suicidal thoughts herself.

I like how Sheila Walsh writes. I have read several of her books. I always feel like we are just sharing stories over a cup of tea. Walsh shares from a "me too" perspective in this warm, vulnerable book.…

Love and Kindness by Christine Topjian

Love and Kindness are two virtues that we hope to instill in our children today. Love and Kindness by Christine Topjian would be a good book to read with your children to spark discussion on how we can be kind and show love to those around us.

Topjian shares several examples in Love and Kindness that could help children see ways to be kind when they have the opportunity. Love and Kindness also helps readers know that Jesus loves us and shows that love to us through various ways, reminding us to be loving to others as Jesus is our example.

Love and Kindness would be a helpful book to read with elementary age children. This paperback book is bright and colorful. Love and Kindness has several good reminders to the kids to demonstrate love and kindness whenever they have the opportunity. I like that this is a larger book for talking with children in a group too. It measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Besides using it with a family, I think it would be a good book to share at Sunday School or anot…