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Book Review: The Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin

In the same way that a python snake can squeeze the life out of its prey, the python spirit (Satan) can squeeze the life out of a believer. I found this analogy to be such a powerful image for me to visualize. The information in this book by Jentezen Franklin was so helpful in understanding spiritual warfare. With that image of the snake in my mind, I feel like I can better see and pray through the spiritual warfare in my life.

The Spirit of Python is divided into three parts. In part one, you learn to understand how Satan and demons work and whether you might be under attack. In part 2, Jentezen Franklin shares various ways the evil spirits can work to destroy parts of your life. In the third part, the reader learns how to use prayer, Scripture, faith, praise and the armor of God to stand up against the enemy. For me, the three parts were clearly presented and easy for me to understand. I appreciated how these areas were clearly defined, with Scripture back up, in such a way that I c…

Book Review: You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado

Are you going through a difficult time of some sort? Or do you know someone else who is? Max Lucado's new book, You'll Get Through This, is full of hope and encouragement for someone who is walking through  challenges.

You'll Get Through This brings the story of Joseph from the Bible alive though Max Lucado's way with words. Joseph's story is brought to life from the time he was that pain-in-the neck little brother until God ultimately puts him in charge during famine. A lot of ground and a lot of time goes by. Times where it was hard to see that God was working on Joseph's behalf. Still Joseph holds fast to his belief in God. In the end God does make good from the evil intended for Joseph in this life and rewards his faith. Max Lucado says that God can do in your life and my life what he did in Joseph's life when Joseph felt forgotten by God in the waiting. But in the meantime we have to "not be foolish or naive and we must not despair". . .Max …