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Book Review: Everyday Detox by Megan Gilmore

With moving these past couple of months, I could feel the effects of the stress and eating things on the run. As a result, I wanted to get back into eating more healthfully. Everyday Detox by Megan Gilmore offers advice and recipes on eating healthfully to help your body feel better on a daily basis.

Megan Gilmore starts the book by sharing her story. She didn't start out being a healthy eater, but she says she did enjoy cooking. After years of diets, binging and unhealthy eating, Megan went to school and became a Nutritional Consultant. She shares that this book offers recipes developed with digestion mechanics in mind. She offers a basic plan for combining foods to help your body digest better. She also shares great advice on how to stock your kitchen with healthy essentials. A jump- start seven-day menu begins the recipe section. . .if you want to use it. She doesn't want you to get bogged down in the rules so much that you can't make the changes. Megan says you can ma…

Book Review: The Big Book of Hormones published by Siloam

As a woman in her perimenopausel years, I have had some questions and concerns regarding some hormonal changes in the past couple of years. I thought The Big Book of Hormones would be helpful in giving me some answers. 

The Big Book of Hormones offers a comprehensive look at female hormonal changes through the years, from being a young woman through the postmenopausal years. I felt it was part textbook, part medical/nutritional guidance book and part Christian encouragement. 
The cover of this book states that it offers "survival secrets to naturally eliminate hot flashes, regulate moods, improve memory, lose weight, and sleep better." This book explains in depth the hormone types, what they do for you, changes you may experience and ways to improve your hormonal balance. The Big Book of Hormones also helps women consider ways to improve their health in general related to breast health, diet, exercise, heart health and better sleep. While the cover sounds like all of the opti…

Book Review: A Bone To Pick by Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman is the New York Times only opinion columnist covering the food beat. A Bone To Pick is a compilation of his best columns in one book. While I have read a few of his pieces, I had not read many so I enjoyed this compilation of opinion pieces. I resonate with his thinking in many ways but these pieces challenge me to think more about our current food and agriculture situation in the United States. And I think Bittman would think that is a good thing.

A Bone to Pick is divided into sections: big Ag, sustainability and What's in between; what's wrong with meat?; what's Food and what is not?; the truth about Diet(s); the Broken Food Chain and Legislating and labeling. Each section consists of several of his columns complete with the date they were published. 
This book is a great read for anyone interested in the while food world in the United States today. I found it to be thought provoking even though I am fairly 'up' on much of what he is talking about.…

Book Review: Your Blueprint For Life by Michael Kendrick

This week we started moving into a new house in a new town after my husband made a job change. I also turned 50 in December. Those two changes have left me re-evaluating how my life is going up until now. It also leaves me wondering if I need to do some things differently to better serve God. I found Your Blueprint for Life by Michael Kendrick offers a good solid plan for making some defining decisions at any age.

"How to align your passion, gifts and calling with eternity in mind" is the subtitle on the cover of this book. Kendrick starts out encouraging the reader to ask themselves, what will I do today that will matter for eternity? Kendrick offers advice and questions to ask yourself to discern your calling and gifts. He then shares advice on the five spokes of the wheel of your calling--your spiritual life, relationships, physical health, finances and your career. He says that when these five  are in balance, you are in a position to fulfill your calling and glorify Go…