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Book Review: The Time Garden by Daria Song

Growing up, coloring was one of my favorite pastimes. It was also a favorite pastime with my son when he was younger. Somehow, it always seemed to be a child's activity in my mind so I put the colors away. With The Time Garden from Korean artist Daria Song, I found I could bring out my colors and enjoying coloring on my own level again.

The Time Garden is a beautiful imaginative retreat in an adult coloring book. I especially like that this book is based on a child using her imagination to travel through the doors of a cuckoo clock. The pictures take you away and tell the story at the same time. What a beautiful reminder that we all have an imagination and can enjoy using it.Unlike most children's coloring books I have used, this book is done on heavier paper, has a dust jacket and will showcase your artistic coloring when completed.

I would recommend this beautiful coloring book for any adult wanting to set aside the cares of the day and relax without a care, like when you w…

Book Review: Apologetics Study Bible For Students

The new Apologetics Study Bible For Students is a beautiful Bible for young people. My son will be 14 next month and he especially liked several aspects of this Bible.

Right away, he noticed that the print is dark and easy to read. This Bible is well-constructed, easy-to-use and read.

Then, each book of the Bible has an introduction that includes a summary of the book, the author of the book, when the book was written in time and what else was going on in the world at that time.He found that helpful in learning about the book and placing it in its proper time in history.

Most importantly, for this Bible, there are a number of helpful articles included within the text. There are answers to 120 of the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith. About any question facing both young people and adults in today's world that you can think of has been addressed here: What's the big Deal with Yoga? Are UFOs real? How do I know God's Will for my life? And many, many mo…

Book Review: Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix cookbook

Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix is a beautiful full color cookbook. Mouthwatering salads, desserts and main dishes such as fried chicken legs grace the pages of this cookbook, along with beautiful appetizers and various dips and beverages.

Kitchen Matrix is a great cookbook for leaning into your creative side in the kitchen. . .or learning to be creative in the kitchen. As a gardener, I especially like that I can look up an ingredient such as beets and then find 12 variations of recipes to use beets. In the introduction on page 9, various ground rules are listed: all butter is unsalted, salt and pepper is assumed and use it to your liking, olive oil means extra-virgin. . .and more. Once you know the ground rules, the recipe variations are easy to follow and understand. I also liked that there are recipes for ten different spice blends so you can make your own and your own condiments, such as ketchup and mayonnaise. I learned a lot to help me make basic meals for my family from scra…

Book Review: Glory Days by Max Lucado

If you have accepted Christ, according to Max Lucado, you are living your glory days. Glory Days is Lucado's newest book sharing how you can live each day with God as your helper in your own "Glory Days."

Max Lucado says many Christians underestimate what happened to them in their conversion. After conversion, Lucado says we are fully equipped to live the Christian life in our own promised land if we will claim our inheritance. Glory Days is an uplifting and encouraging book, as I find many of Lucado's to be, that it can help you live a victorious life in Him. This book is based on the book of Joshua. In the introduction of this book, Lucado shares that according to a recent research project, only eleven percent of Christians are propelled by their faith to love God and to love others with their whole hearts. This book was written to help Christians see that they can become the Christian they want to be. While we walk through the book of Joshua with Lucado's hel…

Book Review: Prayer Quotes by Kevin Shorter

I believe each day I try to pray and to hear God's voice. I take seriously God's Word that says I should prayer without ceasing. (1 Thes. 5:17) However, some days, I get down and I feel I could use some guidance in the area of prayer. Prayer Quotes by Kevin Shorter offers over 2500 prayer quotes to help you think about your prayer life from different angles.

Kevin Shorter's e-book is currently free on Kindle.This electronic book has quotes from over 400 authors arranged topically. The quotes are encouraging and uplifting. However, in addition to the quotes, Kevin Shorter has including articles in the book entitled, Seven tips to a Better Prayer Life, 5 Ways to Find God, 10 Things to Pray for Your Husband and 10 Things to Pray for Your Wife, and several other helpful articles along this line. In the introduction of the book, he shares that he started a blog called the Prayer Coach to help remove the burden of prayer from so many Christians who feel that they don't do e…