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Book Review: Ask It by Andy Stanley

Ask It by Andy Stanley is subtitled "The question that will revolutionize how you make decisions." I will be honest up front in my review and tell you that I am a big Andy Stanley fan. We often watch him on Sunday's after we have been to our own church. I find his sermons to be solid from the Bible and practical. Ask It is indeed practical and Biblical in its approach just as I expected.

Andy Stanley says there is a question that we can ask when we aren't sure what to do that will work for just about any situation. I will let you read the book to find out just what that question is so no spiller here. However, after practicing with this question for he past couple of weeks, I feel that it is helpful in giving the answer we need. At the same time, Andy Stanley says there are times we need to ask others for advice as Solomon encourages us to do in Proverbs. In the past, I have sought advice from others hat wasn't that sound, so I wish that he had talked more about…