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Book Review: More or Less by Jeff Shinabarger

How much is enough? I have been on a journey the past couple of years to figure that out for myself. Recently, I found this book by Jeff Shinabarger to be an interesting read. I grew up in a family that valued the American Dream and thought more was better--like many families I know. Yet, I found that having more and more of stuff didn't satisfy me. In More or Less, Jeff shares his personal story, but he also challenges you to think about your own story and how much is enough in your own life.

Jeff shares several experiments that he and his wife did to see how much was enough in their lives in various areas: food, clothes, presents for special occasions, and unused gift cards, among others.One of their early "enough" experiments was to see if they could live one month on the food in their pantry. . .which they easily did--although  Jeff admits it may not have been the healthiest eating plan he's ever done. I felt like we did something similar as we ate the food we h…

Book Review: The Daniel Fast Made Delicious by John and Ann Marie Cavazos

John and Ann Marie Cavazos have put together a Daniel Fast book that is full of useful recipes, helpful tips and a 21-day prayer journal in the back.

This colorful paperback cookbook is divided into 2 basic sections: Daniel Fast recipes and Healthy Eating After the Daniel Fast. I especially like that they offer healthy recipes for when you complete the fast to transition back into regular eating. . .and, even better, just to continue to eat healthfully. Even if you aren't planning to do the 21-Day Daniel Fast where you pray and eat like Daniel in the Bible, this book offers a large selection of healthy recipes that are dairy and gluten free. I think many people with food allergies to gluten and dairy would enjoy the book. Recipes include: Daniel's Vegetable Shepherd's Pie,  Vegan style Hoppin John, Vegetable Gumbo and Greek Salad, among many others. I found the stir fried vegetable recipe to be very good and the recipe was easy to follow.

I thought this book offered a gre…

Book Review: Restless by Jennie Allen

This is my first book by Jennie Allen. . .and I have to say I found her conversational style to be engaging. I truly felt as if she were right beside me talking to me about my dreams and passions and God's purpose in my life. . .only I confess that I wish she truly were sitting with me working this book out.

This is a book that you would want to use to work out God's purpose and dreams in your life. It flows so well that it is a quick read. However, in order to get the most out of this book, I would encourage the reader to follow Jennie Allen's instructions and use the journal pages in the book to figure out how God is using threads in your life to weave your unique story. The threads would be your gifts, times of suffering, passions, places and people that make your life a valuable part of God's story. She also shares examples from her life, people she knows, and from Joseph in the Bible. While Jennie says many of us have doubts and fears, she believes that God has g…