Book Review: You First, Me Second by Pam Erickson

 If you are looking to be a volunteer, or even just a random do-gooder, this book is a manual of sorts to help guide you as you look at options of where to give your time, talents, and gifts. Pam Erickson's enthusiasm for helping others is easy to catch if you take time to read this book. Who is Pam Erickson you ask? She is vice president of procurement and corporate relations for Operation Blessing International. . .someone who is a proven leader in helping to meet the needs of others.

Erickson writes a book that is enjoyable, as well as easy to read and apply, as you consider what you can do to give back to your community. Each chapter offers a how-to guide, along with real life examples of both everyday people and famous people, to give you a plan to get involved in volunteering or giving to others in some way. . .whether you want to set up your own food distribution center or you want to spend an evening a week reading to a nursing home resident. As you consider where you want to give back to your community, Erickson helps you assess your own gifts and talents and come to a conclusion on where you would best fit. I really felt this book covered everything you could think of in answering questions regarding community work and volunteer efforts. She even encourages just random acts of kindness and shares how those make a difference in our world as well as ways to get started.

As I have been reading and studying James this month, I found this book to be go right along with my study in helping me to see Love my neighbor as myself as James recommends in verse 2:8. I recommend it for every Christian wanting to give back but not knowing how. Even if you are not a Christian and you just want to help others, this book can help you best know how to do that.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to give a positive review.


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