Book Review: 65 Promises From God for your Child by Mike Shreve

Our son is going to be 12 this November. It is hard to believe as the years truly have gone by fast. We have had some big changes in our life this past year as we have changes locations for my husband's job. I can see ways that these changes have been a challenge for all of us. I especially can see where these changes are challenging as a boy in process of changing into a man. I spend time in the mornings praying for him but I wanted to know better how to pray. 65 Promises from God for Your Child by Mike Shreve sounded like a book that could help me pray through the challenges my son faces in our family and in today's world.

According to Mike Shreve, God is on our side and has give us promises for our children. This book contains 65 of them--promises for mercy, salvation, compassion, hope, truth and many more. We just need to pray them and believe them for our children. In fact, he encourages us to memorize them and speak them over our children whenever we can. He encourages parents to do one a day or one a week, whatever works for your family.

In the conclusion to the book, Shreve reminds us that our faith will make a difference in the life of a child. He shares Jewish symbols from the Bible where verses were written down literally and posted on the doors of the houses. I appreciated his cultural history and how he then shares how we can do those kinds of things in our modern day world. He also has a few prayer and progress journal pages in the back for you to write down your family's faith statement and special verses claimed with answers to prayer. He also recommends either buying more copies of this book to personalize or buy journals to keep and pray for each child specifically. Then one day, share the book/journal with the child so that can see how God was working in their life through these promises. I thought this was a great idea. There are times when we are down when we could all use a look back at reminders of how God is with us and working on our behalf.

I have only begun to pray these promises for my child but I can see where God could use this book in a mighty way for many of today's children. I recommend it for every parent.

I received this book at no charge as a member of Booketeria. I was not required to write a positive review.


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