Book Review: Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart by Kara Davis, MD

While I don't currently have heart disease, I have seen heart disease in some of my family members so I was interested in learning more about how to avoid it in my own life. Spiritual  Secrets to a Healthy Heart by Kara Davis, M. D.offers information on how to live in all arenas to avoid heart disease as much as you can. This book offers information on how to keep your physical, spiritual and emotional health all in check to support your heart. The book is divided into 3 sections: How We Live, How We Feel and How It Is.

I especially liked that this book addressed the body from the spiritual and the emotional besides the physical. From a spiritual point of view, I liked that there is a Biblical viewpoint throughout the whole book, which was important to me as a Christian. I could also see through this book that the Bible has a lot to say about our health. I know my body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit so I want to keep it healthy as much as possible. Kara Davis offers some wisdom on how to do that both through her medical expertise and through God's Word. I think that is what makes this book unique from other health books I've seen. This book is also written in an interesting way for the average person to understand and would be especially great for someone just learning about heart health.

Davis said she was targeting those people with heart disease or with high risk for heart disease. Her husband is a pastor and she said she has seen several pastor friends die from heart attacks so she would especially like to see pastors lower their risk factors. . .but she hopes everyone will make lifestyle changes after reading this book. I do think it was inspiring. I knew some of the physical things to do to have a healthy heart before reading this book, but this book did help me to see how we need to keep emotions in check to help our hearts too. I would encourage all Christians to read this book and learn from it. Through this book I see Kara Davis has another related title, Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss, so she did mention in this book that healthy weight issues related to heart health are covered more in depth in that book.

I received this book at no charge from Siloam publisher at Booketeria. I was not required to write a positive review.


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