Detours by Tony Evans

According to Tony Evans in his new book, Detours, God has a plan for your life. . .More often than than not, it's a detour." Pastor Evans had me at that line on the back cover. I could easily see several detours in my life over the past few years and some detours I am still stuck in. Pastor Evans goes on to say that detours are a good thing that often feels bad and that God will use the detours in our lives to bring blessings. I find that to be a comforting thought.

Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny by Tony Evans uses examples from the life of Joseph to show how detours can actually be used to bring about God's blessing for you. Pastor Evans helps you answer how you can make the most of the detours in your life and he helps you understand the purpose of detours. Even though I have read the story of Joseph many times, I found myself mesmerized by the life of Joseph all over again as I read Detours.

I found Detours to be one of the most useful recent books that I have read. It spoke to my heart and offered me encouragement where I truly needed it. I see many people around me facing challenges and detours of their own. I think Detours is an uplifting read for most people. I also like that they are giving one book to Prison Fellowship for every book purchased. I have no doubt that this book could be a real encouragement for someone in prison. I also like that Pastor Evans relates the story of Joseph and other real life stories to the reader in such a down to earth manner. Detours is easy to relate to but yet has a lot of substance to it. I highly recommend it to everyone.

I received Detours from  BH Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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