Faithgirlz Promises For You Coloring Devotional from Zonderkidz

Promises For You Coloring Devotional offers 60 days worth of devotionals for discovering God's hope and love. Each page includes a Bible verse (in the New Revised Standard Version) and either a question or something to write about in the journal that relates to the reading for the day. The book also suggests that if you want to write more than the page has room for to get another piece of paper and keep going. Good idea! This book is also not written in any certain order so you can either start at the beginning with the devotions or jump around to the ones that speak to you that day. The last page if this devotional also has a brief page on how to accept Christ and follow Him.

The pages in this devotional are made of nice, thick white paper with dark-printed whimsical coloring designs on every one. Because the pages are so thick, markers work fine, along with colored pencils. However, I did test a Sharpie marker in an inconspicuous spot and it bled through, so I would encourage you to stick with water-based, non-permanent markers for your coloring fun.

The Promises For You Coloring Devotional is suggested for ages 8 to 12 as part of the Faithgirlz series. However, if you are a little older, ahem, like I am, and you want to use it for your coloring devotional, no one will tell on you. :)

I received this book at no cost from Zonderkidz. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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