Love Lives Here by Maria Goff

Five years ago I read and reviewed Love Does by Bob Goff. Bob inspired me to show love in action because Bob is an action-oriented guy. However, Bob's wife, Maria, says she is quieter and shows love differently than Bob. In Love Lives Here by Maria Goff she shares a series of essays from her life that share how they navigate their family life, love God, love each other, and love others well, using their differences to love differently.

Overall, I most enjoyed how "real" Maria was in sharing her stories in Love Lives Here. Some stories are happy and some are not, but they are all part of what make up Maria's life, who she is, and how she shares love with those around her as she serves God daily from a place of quiet steadfastness, often at home. One of the points that struck me most in her writing was how we all have value (stay at home moms too!) and we do not have to all be alike. She and Bob are very different in personalities but she shares how they both minister to those around them but they do it differently. She shares how they both add value to their marriage and to others. What an important message we all need in our world today with so many voices around us! Maria is a wife and mom who makes a difference in what she does each day. She gave me hope as I follow in her shoes living the life of a wife and mom, a life that is no less important than my husband's life even though they do not look entirely the same.

I would encourage you to read Maria's book, Love Lives Here, and think about how your own life is meaningful and how you relate to others around you. I think you will then be encouraged to love on those all around you.

I received Love Lives Here by Maria Goff from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.

Link to my review of Love Does by Bob Goff:


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