Everybody Always by Bob Goff

If you aren't familiar with Bob Goff, he is a wonderful storyteller. I couldn't wait to read Everybody Always, his third book after Love Does. (Read the book to find out what happened to book two.)

Everybody Always is a series of essays with Goff telling stories and revealing the lessons he learned from those stories. One of the great things about Goff is that he is areal. He doesn't hold back and just share the pretty parts of his life where he has never messed up. Goff shares it all. He also hope that you will take what he shares and start living your life with more love every day to every one--even the creepy people. One of the secrets Goff shares is the reminder that we are probably creepy to someone else too.

I laughed and I cried as I read Goff's stories. I tried to stretch the book out but I ended up continuing to pick it back up and finishing it in about two sittings. It is that good! I encourage anyone and everyone to pick up a copy of Everybody Always. Goff's storytelling is infectious and it won't be long before you are wondering how you can love the people around you better with the love of Jesus. Isn't that really what the Christian life is all about?

I received the first five chapters from the publisher at no charge as part of the launch team. I purchased a copy of the book at Books A Million for my use to read the rest of the book.


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