Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks

Does your house feel like YOUR home? Does it feel comfy and give life to all who visit? If the answer is no, you should read Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks.

Restoration House is divided in to three parts. Part one is Restored Home, Restored Soul where Buycks shares how she learned to make her house her home in spite of living in many different houses while her husband was in the military. Part 2 is A Restored Space For You where you learn about how you can make your space more enjoyable for you and your family. There is a lot of good practical information in this section about selecting paint and decor and more along that line. Part 3 is Sharing Your Restored Home and offers a lot of good advice and encouragement for entertaining.

I picked this book, Restoration House, because my word for 2019 is Restore. I also enjoy books about decorating and home entertaining. I thought this book was beautiful as a whole. I enjoyed the pictures. I thought Buycks had a lot of good advice and encouragement. I liked so much that she shared some of the challenges she faced. She shared how she leaned in to God to help her with them and He did. Restoration House was truly inspiring to me. There was one thing I didn't care for in this book--and that is some of how the book was laid out. There are some great side bars but they were in the midst of the text instead of clearly off to the side and at times that confused me. I also think there was some missing text as it doesn't flow between page 85 and 86. I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5. If the side bars were laid in better, it would be a solid 5 stars for me. I am not sure this is the author's fault, but on the publisher's end of things. I think the author deserves 5 stars.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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