Tea Time Thursday

One of my favorite loose teas is the basic British cuppa brand, P G Tips. I can get this tea locally at a couple of stores or I can order on-line. It is my morning wake-up tea, brewed up and then tempered with a nice splash of milk.

When we were in Arizona for a week in March, I had a hard time finding a good cup of tea at our hotel. They had a great selection of breakfast treats that we could get in a little eating area near the lobby. . .but hot water out of a pump thermos is not hot enough to brew a sturdy cup of black tea. I tried the microwave but I've never been a fan of microwaved tea water either. . .maybe it is just me, but it just doesn't taste the same and there is often a little white foam on top. So I decided one of my souvenirs from Arizona would be an electric kettle. Thankfully I found a pretty nice one at Target, nearby my hotel. I had one at home but it never hurts to have a back-up :). That one comfort from home just made the rest of my week. I loved the trip anyway but knowing I could have my morning cuppa brewed just right, made my trip that much better for me.

If you are a teadrinker like I am, how do you do tea on vacation?


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