Book Review: Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck

Jade finally thinks she is in a safe place. . .she is happily married and the owner of 2 successful vintage boutiques. Then the drama begins. . .Jade picks up her mother-in-law, June, from the airport and takes her home to find her father-in-law with another woman. . .Jade's mother is dying from leukemia. Jade, after a few miscarriages, discovers that her husband already has a son--with another woman and she knew nothing about it. Jade, June and Jade's mom, Beryl, decide to hit the road and head back home to where Jade grew up in Iowa. . .It is there where June and Jade come to terms with the challenges in their marriages and where Beryl comes to live out her last days in this touching story.

This is book 2 in the songbird series and if you haven't read book 1, I would encourage you to do so before this book. This is one series where you really need to read them in order to truly understand and appreciate the story. I picked this book because I live in Iowa, not all that far from Prairie City, so I know the area this book is set in. . .and I loved that aspect of the book. I don't usually read books with quite this much drama so I thought this Southern soap opera story was a bit over the top for my usual tastes. However, having said that, I would also say that it is a well written story where the authors do draw you in and make you just want to keep going. . .in fact, now I can't wait for book 3 to see how it all works out. Love Lifted Me will be out in a couple of months so I don't have too long of a wait--neither do you if you give this series a try.

I received this e-book from Thomas Nelson as a part of their Booksneeze program. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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