Review: Brinkman Family Adventure CDs

The Brinkman Family adventure CDs are based on the adventures of real missionaries who share some of their humorous escapades through the Brinkman Family tales. The stories are dramatized with various voices for the different characters, along the lines of the Adventure in Odyssey stories. My son is 11 and he enjoyed them. The jacket says that children under the age of 10 may find the stories to be intense so they encourage parents to listen along with them. They seemed to be the right amount of adventure for my son's age as he didn't get too worried and just seemed to enjoy the stories.

These CDs would be great to have for long car rides. They would be good to help kids see the excitement in being a missionary.You can purchase these CDs for yourself at:  You can even listen to a sample at: They operate on a donation basis and they can download the episodes on the site or order physical CD's.  If you cannot afford these great stories, you just need to let them know that and ask for them.
I received these CDs as a part of the Gabby Moms. I was not required to write a positive review.


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