Book Review: Radical Well-being by Rita Hancock, MD

Radical Well-Being: A biblical guide to overcoming pain, illness and addictions offers a holistic approach to your health. Rita Hancock helps the reader see the connection between their spiritual life, their emotions and their physical conditions. This is also a book that is clearly designed with Christians in mind as their are numerous Bible references and references to God and faith. As a Christian, I especially appreciate finding a health book that is geared to my faith. I've also had some health issues in recent years with pain that I wanted to get to the bottom of.

In our world today, most medical doctors don't have the time or take the time to look at their patients' mind-body-spirit connection. It is so nice to see a doctor take the approach that the whole body works together to make for better health. Clearly, she is not saying in this book that physical ailments are in the reader's head. However, she does say that our emotions or circumstances may be contributing to pain and physical illnesses.

What really makes this book so helpful is that she not only explains how our body, mind and spirit work together, but she offers questions for the reader to use at the end of each chapter to explore their own situation for healing in all areas. It isn't a book that I could hurry through for that reason--instead it is a book to read through slowly and thoughtfully if you truly want to reap the benefits. It may even be helpful to go through the book with a trusted Christian friend or mentor or even a Christian counselor to glean all that you need to for your situation. Rita also encourages readers to get counseling of some kind if the reader needs it. I'd really encourage anyone to read this book who is looking for healing on any level. It offers a good place to start and gives direction for more help if you need it.

I received this book form Booketeria at no charge. I was not required to write a positive review.


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