Book Review: John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography

John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography is not only a great how-to photography book, but it is a beautiful book to look at as well. Beautiful examples of nature pictures abound in this book. If you are looking to take beautiful nature pictures as a hobby or for money, this book would be an asset.

This photography guidebook offers advice on what gear to buy, how to get started taking pictures, using lenses in your photography, how to best showcase your subject in your pictures, a whole chapter on close-ups and information on how he works as a photographer in the field. 

I found this book to be be full of helpful information presented in a way that I could learn and use it. I also appreciate that John Shaw shared in the preface that nature photography is a field that is always changing so he recommends that you take what you learn in this book and develop your own way of working and growing in this field. He also advises would-be nature photographers to "study nature to be a better photographer." That makes sense to me. I felt this book was full of useful practical advice presented in a manner that was easy to learn and use if you are truly interested in this field. I would easily recommend it to someone wanting to learn this craft. At the same time, I would say it is more complicated than someone would want who just wants to get a few better shots of birds in the backyard.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

John Shaw is one of the world's leading nature photographers and the author of many enduring bestselling books. His photographs are frequently featured in National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, Natural History, Sierra, and Audubon magazines, as well as in calendars, books, and advertisements. He lives in Colorado Springs.


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