NKJV Readers Bible from Holman Bible Publishers

The NKJV Reader's Bible is God's Word simplified. There are no verse numbers and there are no cross references or study notes. It is just God's Word plain and simple in a text like a novel. It is a sort of minimalist Bible in the sense that there are no other distractions when you are reading. I found it to be enjoyable to just read the words this way. I felt like I could just pause when I needed to and think about the words I was reading, just like a regular book. With this Bible, I also felt like I could just listen to God's words and soak them in without other distractions. I enjoyed just reading it.

I found the NKJV Reader's Bible typeface to be easy to read with a dark print text. Although the text is not real large, so if you have vision problems, the text may be too small for you. In case you were wondering, it does NOT have red letters for Jesus words.  It is a beautifully bound book with the black and tan tooled leather-look hard cover with a tight, sturdy binding.

There are maps in the back of the Reader's Bible. There is also a table of contents if you are looking for a specific book so you can find it with ease. I liked those helps.

All in all, if you are looking to read the Bible through like a novel, I would recommend the NKJV Reader's Bible.

I received the NKJV Reader's Bible from Holman Bible Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the Bible.


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