Bibleman Genesis DVD: The Six Lies of the Fibbler and Silencing theGossip Queen by Willie Aames

"Bibleman" is a Christian"super hero" reminiscent to me of the older Batman series I watched as re-runs when I was a kid. Miles Peterson is Bibleman. He was a man who seemed to have it all and then found God and the Bible in his darkest hour. Now Peterson combats evil in the name of God.

This DVD contains two episodes. The first episode finds Bibleman taking on the Fibbler. The Fibbler has spread lies and caused turmoil among the church youth. In the end, the youth learn that lies only cause more problems. They also learn that God's Word can help them remember how to change their ways so they don't lie anymore.

In the second episode, the Gossip Queen uses bitterness beams to batter Bibleman as he tries to help the church kids keep the group together. The Gossip Queen schemes to tear them apart and is nearly successful when Bibleman stops her.

This DVD would be good for younger children. It is a little bit dated as it was made in 2004. However, the stories and the episodes are based on timeless topics and are good for spurring family discussions or discussions among a group of younger church children. The DVD also contains Scripture verses for children to learn and memorize. I think the episodes are just long enough to hold the kids' attention without being too long for boredom to set in.

I received this DVD from B and H Kids. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the DVD.


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