Craving Connection from the Incourage community

(In)courage from Dayspring is one of my favorite groups of on-line writers. I have been following them for years. . .and starting my day with their readings. When Craving Connection came out from the (in)courage writers, I was anxious to get a copy.

Craving Connection invites readers to commit to creatively and prayerfully connect with God, friends and community. This beautiful book (I love the cover!) contains 30 challenges for real-life engagement. Each of the challenges starts with a thought to consider, a Bible verse and a way to engage the theme, such as sending a quick note to a friend to let her know she is important to you. Each day also contains a reading for the day, questions to think about, a connection challenge and a prayer. Each reading is like having coffee with a friend. They are all down-to-earth and easy to relate to. I liked the questions and found those to be great to use with my journal to help me think things out. This book would also be quite good to do with a group of Bible study ladies to work together to keep each other accountable and to share your thoughts and questions with.

Craving Connection is a book that makes you think, makes you want to do more to be a good friend and helps you grow in a community, if you take the time to read and do the challenges in the book. I am new to my community and working to build friendships so I especially liked the timing of this book for me. I highly recommend it to any woman wanting to make better real-life connections.

For anyone who shares my love of Bible Art Journaling, I would add that Illustrated Faith from Dayspring also makes a Bible art journaling set to go along with Craving Connection. It is available from bookstores and on-line.

I received Craving Connection from B&H Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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