When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner with Illustrations by David Catrow

Both the prose and the beautiful illustrations in When God Made You are truly inspiring. This book  was created to help children understand how God created them to be their own unique person and how much God loves them even before he created them. This is such a good message to get across to our little people at a young age so they can carry that message forward as they grow up through the sea of voices that may try to tell them otherwise.

As an artsy person who loves to create and journal, When God Made You touched me in a special way. I just felt so creative and loved as I read it. . .and my child did too. The rhyming and the illustrations flow together so well. We are all made in a special way and what a wonderful book to celebrate our own uniqueness and appreciate others for theirs. We loved the vibrant eye-catching colors in the illustrations and the heart catching words of the prose. I know When God Made You will be a favorite for years to come in our family.

I received When God Made You from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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