A Giving Heart: A Coloring Book Celebrating Motherhood by Stephanie Corfee

A Giving Heart by Stephanie Corfee is a coloring book created with mothers in mind through and through. This book would be great for any mom who likes to color. Mom can grab a cup of their favorite hot beverage, put on some relaxing music and grab their favorite coloring tools for a little "Me" time.

A Giving Heart has 46 coloring pages featuring beautiful pictures of quotes, Bible verses, flowers, and many more things that Moms enjoy. There is a large variety of pictures in this collection. The pictures are on one side with the backsides either blank or with a single printed verse and accompanying tiny design. This is a good book for those who like to color with a heavier hand or to use markers without worrying about page bleed through. Putting an extra piece of paper or cardboard behind the piece you are coloring is also helpful, although these pages are made of a nice heavy stock. This collection of designs in A Giving Heart is made up of drawings with smaller, finer places to color than some books, so you will need your sharp pencils or extra fine markers for many of them.

I found coloring in this book to be especially relaxing and therapeutic for me right now. I colored this teacup picture in honor of my Grandma, Sena McGregor, who passed away on May 15. She and I had many cups of tea together throughout her life. 
I recommend A Giving Heart coloring book to all moms who enjoy coloring for relaxation or coloring your own book while the kids color in theirs.

I received A Giving Heart Coloring Book from Hachette Book Group/FaithWords. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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