The Sacrament of Happy by Lisa Harper

When offered a chance to review The Sacrament of Happy by Lisa Harper, I knew I had to read this book. I didn't grow up believing God wanted us to be happy. Rather, for me, God was a distant God who judged us every day. I was told that one day we would have to be accountable for our wrongdoings so I viewed God as rather stern and constantly appraising my imperfections. To me, He just seemed rather unhappy with me and I could never measure up. Even after becoming a Christian, I struggled to believe differently. Although I knew Jesus did pay the price for my sins, I struggled to see God and Jesus as happy with me when I still felt I had to measure up. I read this book because I wanted to see God in a different light.

The Sacrament of Happy did help me see God differently. I enjoyed Harper's humor and her writing style. I think her positive, uplifting outlook is contagious. I could also relate well to Christine Caine's forward where she shared her family's fatalist outlook and common phrases she heard. I heard many of those too and sadly they became ingrained in me to pass on to my son. But no more. It stops here with me. This year my word of the year is Delight. It was my goal to see how God delights in me, in others and in our world. This book has been helpful for me on my journey to learning how God has these attributes and how he truly loves me as I am.

This book shares many personal stories, many of which are quite humorous. I am about the same age as Harper so I could relate so well to much of what she shared. The Sacrament of Happy was a quick read for me with me reading much of it over two days. Harper shares how God is a Happy God, how we get happy, what we do during sad times, how we cultivate happy, and how happy changes the world. If you are also needing to change your outlook about God, I highly recommend this book. The Sacrament of Happy is an uplifting and encouraging book and one I think I will re-read on occasion.

I received an electronic copy of The Sacrament of Happy from the publisher and NetGalley.


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