Run Forever by Amby Burfoot

I think running sounds like a great way to relax and to exercise on all of the park trails near my house.  While it sounds good, I haven't really known how to start. Run Forever by Amby Burfoot is a helpful book if you are a beginner like I am. Although, I think he has some tips even experienced runners could use.

Burfoot is a life-long runner who is now in his 70s. Among other races, he has run the Boston Marathon many times and won it in 1968. Before retiring, he was also editor-in-chief of Runner's World magazine. He continues to run today, although he says he runs slower. He shares a lot of information that he has gleaned through the years in Run Forever. Burfoot says in the introduction that "Running is the simplest of sports. It deserves a simple book. That is why I wrote Run Forever." He organized the book into six main sections: Getting Started, Nutrition for Runners, Going Farther, Dealing with Injuries, Getting Faster and Running Forever. Each chapter has key information broken down into easy to read sections. Whether you just want to relax with some weekend runs or whether you want to train for a marathon, Burfoot has a lot of helpful information in Run Forever.

I enjoyed reading Run Forever. While I read the book straight through, this book could easily be read in sections and spurts for when you need or want the information. I like how practical Burfoot is in his writing and how easily he explains things. He does make running sound simpler than some of my running friends make it out to be with all of their fitbits and other gadgets. He shares what he has learned from both running races well and from challenges that he has faced through the years. I would encourage any beginning runner or anyone even interested in beginning running to get a copy of Run Forever.

I received Run Forever from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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