Remember God by Annie F. Downs

How do you feel about God and the Christian life when things aren't going according to your plans. When your dreams don't come true, is God still kind? Good? In Remember God, Annie Downs wrestles with some hard questions in her life and she lets us get a glimpse of what that looks like.

Remember God is written as sort of a memoir of Downs' year as she wrestles with God. Downs asks the question, Is God always kind, really deep down always? Downs is single and not only is she single but she is single well past when she thought she would be married if her life had gone according to her plan. This brave woman opens her heart and her life and shows us how God is not only kind but he does exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20). However, initially that did not look or feel like how Downs wanted it to look. She shares how God grew her heart and soul through the year--a year with both a limp and a blessing.

I am not single. I am a middle-aged woman with a different set of hopes and dreams that seem to be taking forever. My wrestling is different than Downs, but yet I relate so well to her wrestling. Her writing style is so conversational and down-to-earth that I feel like I am right there with her and as I read Remember God, I can get a glimpse into her heart. . .and I want to share mine. Her writing invites me to open up to God a little more and open up to those around me. These past couple of years as I have faced challenges, I have wanted to hide. . .but Downs invites me to open up with God, to listen for His voice and to grow. I like that she is a journaler. I journal too and wrote quotes and notes as I read this book. I invite you to read this book, open up with God and take some notes too. I think Remember God will help you reflect on your life and to grow in Him as it is helping me.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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