The Prayer of Protection by Joseph Prince

Psalm 91 has been a favorite psalm of mine for many years. However, I didn't always understand that this psalm was "a powerful prayer of protection given to us by God." The Prayer of Protection by Joseph Prince breaks down this psalm so that we can better understand it and pray this psalm to protect us and deliver us from the enemy.

At a time in our world when we feel uncertain about our future and about day to day events in our society, this psalm can help you feel closer to the Lord as you pray it each day. I like that Pastor Prince shares in The Prayer of Protection how this is not a magic psalm that grants you protection. Instead, praying this psalm is all about having a conversation with God and trusting Him to guide you every day. He further shares how it is "all about intimacy and relationship with the Lord."

The Prayer of Protection is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter takes a verse or two from the psalm and shares how praying that verse can offer you protection each day. In each chapter, Pastor Prince shares from other parts of the Bible to help better understand the verses' meaning in this psalm. He also shares testimonies that people sent to him that show how God did protect them during some difficult times, calamities and other challenges. These testimonies also offer encouragement to other believers that God will indeed take care of us as we look to Him for guidance and protection in relationship with Him.

I highly recommend The Prayer of Protection for any Christian, especially as we feel so unsettled in our society right now. To be honest, I have not previously read a book by this author, but I especially enjoyed his writing style and how easy the book was to follow and understand. There is also a Prayer of Protection Study Guide that goes along with it. It would make a good group study besides being a good individual study. Faithwords is also offering a free 30-day prayer plan available to correlate with the book’s teaching at this link:

I received The Prayer of Protection from FaithWords/Hachette Book Group Inc. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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