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Book Review: When God Makes Lemonade created by Don Jacobsen

This past year has been full of personal challenges. . .so when this book came up for review I couldn't wait to read it. There is something encouraging in reading other people's personal struggles and seeing through their eyes how God has worked to change their hearts and/or their lives for the better through them.

This book is full of encouraging stories from people all over the country and in all walks of life. The stories are from people like you and me that have been through some challenges and saw how God made something, Lemonade, if you will, through the lemons (challenges) in their lives. Hope is the element each story offers to the reader. In each story, the reader sees God working through someone's life situation. I can't say for me that any one story stood out as better than the others--they were really all good from my point of view.

These stories were well-written, inspiring and moved me to tears at times. I even found one author that I remember meeting w…