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Called to Forgive by Anthony B. Thompson with Denise George

Anthony B. Thompson's wife was shot on June 17, 2015 at Wednesday evening Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina. How do you forgive someone who kills your spouse and is not even remorseful? Thompson tells his story in Called to Forgive.

Called to Forgive is a powerful memoir written by the surviving spouse of someone who was brutally murdered for her skin color. Thompson shares his thoughts and feelings in this book. He also shares the stories of other people who have been involved in shooting or other difficult situations. He tells his story and the stories of others with both compassion and heartfelt details. At the end of the book, he writes a letter to Dylann Roof sharing how and why he forgives. There is also a Bible study that goes along with this book and several appendixes.

While Called to Forgive is quite powerful in content, I especially found Appendix 3, The Ten Stages of Biblical Forgiveness, especially helpful in thinking about instances requiring forgiveness in m…

Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle by Richard Furman, MD, FACS

More than thirty million Americans have diabetes. Another eighty-four million have elevated blood sugar levels that put them at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. These statistics from the back of the book cover of Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle by Richard Furman look staggering to me. I do not have that diagnosis and I do not want it so I want to do what I can to prevent it. Whether you have high blood sugar or you want to prevent it, Dr. Furman has a book full of information that can help.

Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle is divided in to two parts: Understanding Diabetes and Defeating Diabetes: Lifestyle choices for your health. Dr. Furman tells plainly how diabetes can start and how to prevent it. He backs all of his information up with solid statistics and information from studies as well as his own work with patients. Dr. Furman addresses these issues from the point of view of a doctor that has worked as a vascular surgeon for more than thirty years.

I found Winning Your Blood…

The Middle Matters by Lisa-Jo Baker

"The middle is the place where we might have outgrown the shape of our teenage jeans but have finally grown into the shape of our souls, "I think this quote from Lisa-Jo Baker's The Middle Matters sums up her book. Baker talks about how women's bodies and lives change as they get older and how we can embrace that change.

The Middle Matters is divided into eight sections: Why the Middle of Your Muffin Top Matters, Why the Middle of Your Marriage Matters, Why the Middle of Your Parenting Matters, Why the Middle of Your Living Room Matters,  Why the Middle of Your Failures Matters, Why the Middle of All Those Sports Practices Matters, Why the Middle of Your Friendship Matters, and Why the Middle of Your Faith Matters. Each of these sections have a few essays related to the topic that are easy for many women to relate to.

Baker's stories and essays are down-to-earth in The Middle Matters. She seems to share from her heart and is "real" with her readers and …

Underestimating Miss Cecilia by Carolyn Miller Pre-order Blitz