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Bible Review: NIV Life Journey Bible with Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

The NIV Life Journey Bible exceeded my expectations when I received a hard copy to review. It is a beautiful Bible with dark print. I especially liked that it was easy for me to read although the print is not too big.

I have been making changes towards growing in emotional wholeness over the past few years. The sub-title on the bright eye-catching cover of this Bible "Find the answers for your Whole Life" caught my eye. This Bible offers helps in addition to the Bible text to help you stay on track for emotional and relational health. There are "Insights" on various pages from the doctors that share glimpses into Scripture to show how it can bring emotional growth and development.  There are profiles of Bible characters like David, Esther and Paul which illustrate life lessons from their lives that support emotional and spiritual health. Themes of emotional health and wellness are also highlighted in the Book instructions before each book. Various essays are also …

Book Review: God Is Just Not Fair by Jennifer Rothschild

As you can see, the cover page of the latest book from Jennifer Rothschild proclaims in bold letters God Is Just Not Fair, while the smaller subtitle states, "Finding Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense." That bold title grabbed me! For me, this book seemed timely. I'm not sure I was feeling God wasn't fair when I picked up this book to read, but I have been struggling to make sense of life lately.

I found this book to be engaging from the beginning. This is the first book I've read by Jennifer Rothschild. I liked her style. . .she seems conversational and down to earth. I also found I laughed a few times and I shed a few tears. . .she knew how to reach me where I am. She should understand those who are hurting as she has been through a thing or two in her life. At the age of 15, Rothschild lost her sight to a devastating disease. She has also face Depression five years ago, which caused her to wrestle with God.

In God Is Just Not Fair, Rothschild asks six que…

Book Review: The Power of Hope by Dutch Sheets

The Power of Hope by Dutch Sheets is a small book that is full of help to renewing your hope if you are in a place of needing hope. This is my first book by Dutch Sheets and I did find it encouraging. I have been going through several challenging life situations lately and my hopes were indeed dwindling.

I found this book to be a good source of encouragement and inspiration that is solidly based on Scripture. Sheets shares encouraging stories of real life people in both today's world and Biblical times. I liked that each chapter was fairly short because I needed to reflect on his words after each chapter. I liked that this book offers journal pages in the back of the book. Each chapter then offers specific advice on what to reflect on from that chapter in the journal, how to apply truths from the chapter, and a prayer to pray. I especially liked that the prayer was all ready for me to pray because there were days I just wasn't sure how to pray. Also, there were a list of Bib…