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Book Review: A Good Food Day by Marco Canora

Marco Canora is a chef by trade. A Good Food Day is his 2nd cookbook, with his first being, Salt To Taste. I confess I haven't tried his first book but after using this one, I am going to look for it. Canora offers this answer to, What is a good food day? Marco says it is a day when feeling well and eating well go hand in hand.

Canora used to live the fast and busy life of a chef. He stayed out late, drank too much caffeine, smoked and didn't make the best food choices. He is still working as a chef, except these days he is taking better care of himself. In this book, he shares how he came to change all of that after facing some health issues. I appreciate his down-to-earth approach to cooking and eating healthy. As part of what he has learned, he shares his 10 principles for a good food day that makes good sense to me. 
The photos in this book are gorgeous and just made me want to try the recipe. I know I will use this book more when it is summer and garden season in here in…