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Fast Metabolism Food Rx by Halie Pomroy with Eve Adamson

Fast Metabolism Food Rx is the first book I have read by Haylie Pomroy. This fascinating book offers food plans as a prescription for seven  health issues: Digestion problems, Fatigue and low energy, Hormonal issues including PMS and Menopause, High cholesterol, Brain issues like depression, anxiety and forgetfulness, blood sugar issues, and immune/auto-immmune disorders. I found it to be well-written and interesting to read.

I found this book to be very interesting. I like the idea of using food to help heal our bodies over medication whenever possible. Haylie encourages readers to work with their doctors to make changes but she also encourages patients to use food to improve health, either eliminating or cutting down on medication by working with their doctor. This book becomes especially credible to me when Pomroy shares her own health issues and how food has made her feel so much better without medications. . .and she has doctors who work with her and listen. She encourages reade…

Life Verse Creative Journal with blank journal by Jana Magruder and Morgan Grace Magruder

The new Life Verse Creative Journal and Blank Journal are a beautiful, petite journal set. I already have a life verse but I loved this set. My life verses are, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

The Life Verse Creative Journal is a smaller size that I quite liked to stick inside my Bible to create along with my quiet time with God. This journal is aimed at choosing a life verse and making it your own, but even with having a life verse, there was plenty to help me learn and grow in God's Word. There are 15 verses with journaling prompts within the beautiful illustrations to color and work through. Even though I…

Unashamed by Christine Caine

Christine Caine's new Christian self-help book, Unashamed, offers advice to readers on how to live the life Christ offers for you and lose baggage and shame to better do that. Caine shares from her life and from the life of other women how shame and the consequences of shame can affect life. She also shares through this book just what shame is, how we can feel shame, and how we can tear down the walls of shame and live our life without fear and shame.

Unashamed for me was helpful. . .but it was also a little ho hum. Since I enjoyed her first book, Undaunted, so much, maybe my hopes were too high. I also recently finished reading Brene Brown's books dealing with shame and attended a ladies retreat at my church that related Brown's books on shame to God's word and the Christian life. . .Because of that experience, I didn't especially learn anything new from this book. However, it did offer good reinforcement for what I had already learned and she quotes from Brown i…

Prescription for Natural Cures (3rd Edition)by Mark Stengler, James F.Balch and Tobin Young Balch

Prescription for Natural Cures is a great reference for holistic treatments and natural remedies for the health problems that one encounters. The cover states this book is a self-care guide for treating health problems with natural remedies including diet, nutrition, supplements and other holistic methods. We have an HSA for our health care needs so we often try to heal simple health issues ourselves before heading to the doctor. While you may also choose to talk to a physician or other healthcare provider about these issues, this book offers helpful ways to pursue healing along with a doctor's advice or it may also give you information you can discuss with your doctor.

Prescription for Natural Cures is so handy to have around, although it is a thick reference manual at 835 pages. It is easy to use with conditions organized alphabetically from A to Z. There are over 200 conditions referenced in this book.It is up-to-date with the latest information from natural health research a…

Wonderland: A Coloring Book Inspired by Alice's Adventures by Amily Shen

Wonderland is a beautiful new adult coloring book form Amy Shen. Inspired by Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland, I think Wonderland is more than a coloring book. . .It offers a chance for you to give Alice a new adventure with your colored pencils.

This beautifully illustrated coloring book tells a bit of Alice's story through the pages. You can meet the Cheshire cat, have tea with the Mad Hatter, and play croquet with the Queen of Hearts.  Besides coloring delicate scenes, Wonderland offers a few places for you to draw in your own pictures. For example, you may add butterflies to a page with two butterflies or add a few owls to the page with three owls on it. There is also a maze and a series of puzzles on "the playing car's scroll." I especially enjoyed the extra activities along with the coloring.

Wonderland is best colored with well-sharpened colored pencils as most of the designs are fairly intricate. Some pages the coloring picture takes up the whole page a…