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Book Review: How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley

How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley offers advice on REALIZING that we are already richer than most of the world. He doesn't really offer advice on How to GET rich, which might be your interpretation of the title. However, the back of the book clearly explains Andy Stanley's premise that you are already rich and how best to "be good at it." Andy Stanley has a practical down to earth style that helps me clearly understand how to relate Scripture to my life and I truly appreciate that about this book..

I already knew this book was about becoming a more generous person and using whatever resources God has entrusted me with because I have seen Andy Stanley's sermon series on this topic. If you've also seen that sermon series, and are interested in the book, I would encourage you to get it. The book offers more details and examples. Andy Stanley encourages you to think about your wealth as God's and not yours, because, after all, you can't take it with you. I …

Book Review: The Millionaire Map: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating, Enjoying, and Sharing Wealth by Jim Stovall

The Millionaire Map by Jim Stovall is a book written by a millionaire for those who aspire to be millionaires. I'm not sure I have consciously thought I'd like to be a millionaire, until I saw this book available to review. Then I thought, why not? I was also interested in seeing the book because I enjoyed The Ultimate Gift book and movie so much that I was interested in learning more about the author.

This book offers readers an opportunity to learn how to make a sort of map to guide their lives towards becoming a millionaire. He offers his personal story and even encourages readers to contact him by phone or e-mail if they want to learn more from him. I was inspired by his story because he shares how he started from nothing and built his personal fortune up. He offers some advice from his personal experience and from the experience of other millionaires. One key piece of advice he offers readers is to look at the background of those you're learning from or working with …

Book "Review: 30 Quick Tips for Better Health by Don Verhulst, MD

I don't know about you, but sometimes making health changes can seem overwhelming. 30 Quick Tips for Better Health offers a variety of health tips to help you make small, do-able changes towards better health every day. These tips offer some good advice on all areas of your health--reducing stress, eating healthy, fasting, exercising, and changing your negative thoughts to becoming more positive.

I really liked this little book as it is a good size to carry with you or to pick up and read whenever you have a little time. It would also be a great book to use as a devotional every day of the month because each tip starts with a Bible verse and ends with a prayer. There is also space to jot down ideas of how you can implement the information specifically for yourself. I plan to re-read it in January to help me to start the new year focusing on better health. I think that by following these tips and doing a few at a time, baby steps in health gains could be made over time. Also, the…