Book Review: Swiped by Evan Angler

In this new dystopian world, everyone gets a mark on their 13th birthday. It is a sign of coming of age and brings all the benefits of citizenship in the American Union. Only those with the mark can get jobs, buy food, and everything else it takes to survive in society. But for Logan, who will soon turn 13, getting the mark is a scary proposition. When his sister went to get the mark 5 years ago, she  never came back. Since that time, his family has never been the same. Logan has struggled with getting the mark ever since and he can't shake the feeling that he is being followed.

My 10 year old son has been enjoying the Left Behind series and  thought this sounded like a good book. It is very different from that series in the writing style even though the topic is similar. We read through Swipe together, out loud. It took  a little longer to read it that way but it was enjoyable to share this book that is written from a 12-year old boy's viewpoint. My son seemed to relate to the character well. Together, we both enjoyed the fast paced action.  I recommend this series for upper elementary and junior high age kids based on what we've read so far. We are eagerly looking forward to the 2nd book in the series, Sneak, which will be coming in the Fall of 2012.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson as part of their Booksneeze program. I was not required to write a positive review.


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