Book Review: Everyday Matters Bible for Women from Hendrickson Bibles

Every Day Matters in the life of a Christian. . .With the Every Day Matters Bible, Christian women can get extra helps in putting spiritual practices in place as they read their Bible.

This beautifully bound Bible, with its turquoise and pink cover, features over 300 articles focusing on 24 spiritual practices that particularly relate to women such as service, submission, worship, faith and Bible study among others.  I personally love this whole Bible package. The New Living Translation brings the Bible to life for me. I read words that I can readily apply to my life in both the Bible translation and in the helps. Scattered throughout the Bible, the short articles, based on near-by Scripture offer encouragement and direction on the spiritual practices we all need help with. I also appreciated the Question and Answer articles as they helped me to reflect on my Christian walk and take note on how to apply the Bible where I need it. The articles are all written by Christian leaders with women, specifically, in mind. Another helpful feature is that each book of the Bible comes with an introduction complete with background, a synopsis of the message, the dates in History when written and an Outline. I know I will use this Bible as I do my ladies Bible studies at church, as well as my personal reading, as the helps will make studying that much clearer for me.

Besides buying this Bible for yourself, this Bible would make an excellent gift for any woman in your life of any age. I highly recommend it.

I received this Bible at no charge for the purpose of review from Hendrickson Bible Publishing Company. I was not required to write a positive review.


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