The Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS

The past couple of years I have had a little acid reflux in times of stress and my husband has had a problem with acid reflux. When I saw The Acid Watcher Diet, my husband and I both agreed it was time to look at making some dietary and lifestyle changes to help our bodies so we needed to read the book and give it a try.

The Acid Watcher Diet by Dr. Jonathan Aviv is divided into 3 parts: Part 1 discusses what causes acid damage in our bodies and what to know as you seek treatment. It was big news to me that esophageal cancer is on the rise as a result of this problem and will soon overtake colon cancer in numbers. The second part of this book details the how and why we need to change our diet and what changes need to be made for lasting health improvements. The third section of this book contains the actual diet with recipes. The recipes are easy to follow. It also includes menus for special occasions. 

The Acid Watcher Diet is written by a doctor with many years of experience in treating patients with acid reflux. I found Dr. Aviv's writing to be quite interesting and he makes medical terms easy to understand. It is now much easier for me to see why this is a problem for many in our society with the changes in our food supply. My husband and I don't eat the same way but I could see certain foods we were both eating that caused an issue for us, along with some heavier stress the past couple of years and changes in our lifestyle that weren't helping us. This diet, recipes, and lifestyle changes are do-able and  we plan to follow through with Dr. Aviv's advice and make the necessary changes. We have not yet had 4 weeks worth of the diet to know how big of a difference in will make yet but I can already see a difference in making changes within just a few days. I would encourage anyone who think they may have an acid problem to read this book and follow Dr. Aviv's recommendations.

******UPDATE*****May 22, 2017--My husband and I both completed this program about 3 weeks ago and were both so much better. This program totally worked for us. We also liked the recipes we tried. I especially liked the blueberry crepes. I then bought two copies to pass out to relatives who were interested in why we felt so much better. Again, I highly recommend this book!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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