Inspired Mama by Sez Kristiansen

I could relate well to the introduction from Inspired Mama by Sez Kristiansen. In this part of the book she shares how she is tired and worn out from trying to keep up with demands and be a mama while putting herself last. It was a wake-up call and she realizes she needs to make some changes in order for her to enjoy life and to be who she really is at her core.

Inspired Mama is divided into three parts: Freedom of Mind, Freedom of Life, and Freedom of Comfort Zones. In each section she shares exercises to live a more inspired intentional life through journaling, meditating, mindfulness, living according to your purpose and more. It is a book best used alongside a journal as she encourages readers to do. Kristiansen expects readers to take and make notes of their thoughts and things they have learned through exercises she offers in the book. Many of the exercises involve deep thinking, intuition and subconscious thought processes.

For me, Inspired Mama offered some interesting exercises that could be helpful for me personally. However, I needed to think about some of them a bit differently as they did not align with my spiritual beliefs. Inspired Mama would be best for someone who holds Buddhist or New Age beliefs like the author. However, having said that, the author was easy to relate to when she shared parts of her own story. She also has the book in an easy-to-read format and it is quite readable and easy to go through--with a journal and a pen alongside it.

I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions within this review are my own. Here is a link to her website for more information on the author:
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